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Burrito day!

Hey hooo!

Today I made chicken burrito, without the salsa or pesto sauce.

Just the you know… the lazy burrito because I was a bit restless from yesterday’s outing.

my beautiful chicken burrito

I kinda had a crave for chicken today… so why not! Burrrrrrrito!

4 chicken fillets
1 tomato (cut to cube)
capsicums (yellow & green, cut to cube)
a pinch of black pepper
a cube of chicken stock
1 yellow onion (cut to cube)
fresh thyme, tarragon & parsley leaves
mexicana oregano
pita bread
some lemon juice
granulated cheddar

Well you know… It is quite simple to cook the fillings.

First, you gotta put 3-4 tbsp of olive oil (well i used grape oil) and once the oil is hot, I added in the onion that has cut to cube and thyme. Then, chicken fillets were added too (cut to cube).

Once everything is cooked, I smashed the chicken stock to give some flavor. I did not pinch any salt because of the stock I have added in.

Next, pinched a little bit of black pepper for some flavor along parsley and tarragon leaves. I let the fillings to cook for like 3-4 minutes before I add in all of the greens (capsicums & asparagus and tomato).

Before I switched the stove off, I squeezed a slice of lemon – just for some sour taste.

This took me like 12 minutes to cook for everything. And my burrito turned out to be yummy!


Oooh! I added in some granulated cheddar to make chicken taste a little bit cheesy too! Try it!

This serves for 3-4 people.


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