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Simple yet delicious

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There are times that I just prefer to eat something that is simple yet delicious.

But then, there are techniques in to fry a delicious fish or create a perfect omelette.

So anyway, I woke up pretty much late like really really late. I guess the weather pretty much made me be in my own world, I did not have the time to prep the ingredients that I was supposed to blend.

(Just so you know, I work late at night.)

Then, so why not I just fry my pomfret and eat with rice? That’s what I did.

I marinate my pomfret with parsley leaves and turmeric, a pinch of salt, pepper & oregano and down you go into the skillet.

My mom knows I am not a big fan of eating rice except for tom yam fried rice and so whenever I’m at her house, she would ask “Do you want me to fry you some omelette?” Yup, I love eggs. And fish. Simple as that.

But because mom is not around, and I stay alone in Singapore, I do everything on my own.
I miss my mom. I miss her a lot.

For whatever has happened months ago, I do wish I could turn back time.
But at the same time, I cannot let go of my love.

You both mean a lot to me.


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