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Syawal 1438


Selamat Hari Raya readers! Today is the 9th day of Syawal in 2017 and nope, the photo above was taken on the first day of Eid (25th June 2017). This is my uncle’s family, on my paternal side.

I barely talk about my personal or what is going on with my daily on my blog as I prefer to keep it simple and delicious. But I think I should share the joyful of Eid with everyone.

This year I did not bake any cookies but I took orders for popiah nestum.

popiah nestum for sale!

It was my first time making popiah nestum and I received an overwhelmed response (thank you for your supports!) in just three days! Yeayy!.

And this year I wore red. I did not buy any clothes for this year’s Eid as I did not celebrate one last year (something happened). So why not! Recycle!


I did my own make-up, my own hair. I was literally red that one whole day.

I am not really a choker person, neither gold (gold makes me anxious) but for Syawal, let’s don a little bit different, shall we?

For every 1st of Syawal, my family and I would visit my mom’s dad, my dad’s brother and lastly my grandaunt. And since 1st Syawal fell on Sunday,  I had to go to work that night. Not to worry because I can sleep in the office!

Celebrating Eid 1438 a bit different this year. I am hoping my parents would open their eyes and forgive the past…


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