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Got my Covid-19 vaccination!

A month plus ago, my company sent out a broadcast e-mail (I assumed to not all, but by batch) that we all can pre-register for Moderna vaccine. I got my slot on 4th May (1st dose) and 4th June 2021 (2nd dose).

For my first dose, it was in the month of Ramadan. So I did not consume anything (since I was fasting) but I was jolly majorly well prepared. My fiancé was supposed to accompany me but told him to cancel his leave because “Ohh I will be taking the company bus”.

Once I got my jab, I waited in the observation room for like around 30min. My experience?
difficulty in breathing

That’s normal. That is totally normal. Totally normal to the point I fell asleep in the train and almost missed my station.

Next day, I felt a bit restless and yes, still had my fever.

pejam celik pejam celik… I received an e-mail saying the second dose will be held at the main centre (my office). Glad, happy because I just can’t bear to be a pillion all the way to Lakeside.

Got my jab around 3.15pm on Friday 4th June. I did not feel any side effect when I was in the observation room so fiancé and I off to Vivo to shop for food! Then… I started to feel uneasy.

Mind you… second dose effects kick in differently for each individual. I was quite unlucky to vomit 9 TIMES in 3 freaking days!

I called UCC and asked what should I do if the side effect is persistent? They told me to come down to for check-up and sadly, I stayed there for hours because my giddiness made me feel imbalance.

They had to put in drip for me because I kept saying “feels my head is like spinning”. Doctor came in told me the side effect kinda made me have vertigo. The thing is… I do not have stroke, diabetes, kidney problem or whatsoever. It is just probably the side effect of the 2nd dose because different people will have different reaction towards it.

Mine… happened to be vomiting.

Now… my ears ringing are and balance movements all are fine. Physically, I am okay, but ya lah what to do kan…

I got Moderna Covid-19 vaccine and this vaccine has mRNA and it is 94.1% effective. I am not saying this will cure Covid-19 but it is a prevention. Better be safe than sorry, right?

I urge everyone to register and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Not only you are saving yourself, but you are saving others from getting affected. You are saving the world too.

Blogging · Personal

What’s new?

It has been almost 18 months since I WFH. I should have gotten myself a big work desk.

What are my thoughts about WFH? Well… kinda save my transportation & food money. I don’t really have to fork out on that now but at the same time… it is kinda stressful. I mean… if I had a bigger house and my own room, I don’t mind staying in the house for 24/7.

I need a space for myself. A space where I can work and study within my own limits.

And apparently, Clubhouse kinda cheered me up. Got to know new people, made new friends but some can be shitty.

I am still in Clubhouse, but not as active as before.

I am still searching for a new job. Wait… I guess gotta wait till I am married then baru carilah kan?

For months, I have doubts in myself – whether or not I should do a switch career.

That’s about it.