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What’s new?

It has been almost 18 months since I WFH. I should have gotten myself a big work desk.

What are my thoughts about WFH? Well… kinda save my transportation & food money. I don’t really have to fork out on that now but at the same time… it is kinda stressful. I mean… if I had a bigger house and my own room, I don’t mind staying in the house for 24/7.

I need a space for myself. A space where I can work and study within my own limits.

And apparently, Clubhouse kinda cheered me up. Got to know new people, made new friends but some can be shitty.

I am still in Clubhouse, but not as active as before.

I am still searching for a new job. Wait… I guess gotta wait till I am married then baru carilah kan?

For months, I have doubts in myself – whether or not I should do a switch career.

That’s about it.