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Fried vermicelli (bihun goreng Singapore)

So… obviously I am from Singapore and Singapore was once a part of Malaysia (separated on 9th August 1965). Malaysians would always argue that their foods are way better than Singapore’s. But for me, it all depends who cooks better. And today, I would like to share another recipe of mine – Bihun Singapura (don’t ask… Continue reading Fried vermicelli (bihun goreng Singapore)

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Chicken green curry

Mubarak Kareem everyone! It is the fourth day of Ramadhan and I know I have not been posting anything lately because I was super duper busy preparing my new upcoming projects with my sayang. Anyway, I made green curry and it was my very first time to cook something different besides the normal chicken curry. I… Continue reading Chicken green curry

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Simple yet delicious

There are times that I just prefer to eat something that is simple yet delicious. But then, there are techniques in to fry a delicious fish or create a perfect omelette. So anyway, I woke up pretty much late like really really late. I guess the weather pretty much made me be in my own world,… Continue reading Simple yet delicious

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Soupie noodle for a weather like this

Syukran for the rain and no doubt, the earth is slowly reversing its axis direction. And there will always be one meal for me to feed myself at this such cold resting weather – noodle soup/ mee soup. The taste of the garlic soaks in the soup along those chewy yellow noodle… uhum! It takes only… Continue reading Soupie noodle for a weather like this