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Salmon provençale

Nope nope nope! My blog is not dead yet. I am not sure what to update almost every single week I bake the same food. (salmon chicken salmon chicken salmon) Today, I decided to brave myself to bake something I have never done before. As you know, provençale is some sort like a dish that… Continue reading Salmon provençale

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Where is my Joe, doh?

Gloomy Sunday. (Al-fatehah to Muhd Khairul Ikhwan.) Wasted Sunday for me because I literally did nothing, except solving words puzzles and hanging out with my girlfriend. Didn’t really plan to meet her until she called me this morning. “Babe, my phone cable rosak. Pinjam jap.” *godemit nigguh, i’m sleeping* “Okay, see you this evening around… Continue reading Where is my Joe, doh?