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A beneficial Friday

As Deepavali is approaching soon, I decided to join Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes last Friday as a volunteer to pack beneficiary goodies for the ones who are in need. I brought my sister to gain an experience.

As it was our first time doing this kindness charity together, we made and met quite a few (new) friends from different range of age from teachers, students from Edgefield and Temasek, SINDA and neighbors that stay around Yishun Ring Rd.

There were two different bags that we had to pack. The orange one fills with detergent, shower cream, tooth paste/brush, sardines, condensed milk, milo, cracker, muruku, cookies and vegetable oil. While the blue bag fills with spices, laddus, dosa mix, salt, sugar, onions, potoates & some other vegetables.

Took about 4 hours to pack more than 2000 bags and it was a fun work-out for me.

I have always wanted to do something good, to give back to my fellow people but work has been killing me. Some other day I have to be on set, production meeting and then go for my night shift job.

In that 4 hours, I met many great people. Little children helped around, students came down with their teachers, people from different background regardless race and religion, we all became one. This is what I call true racial harmony.

I came down not for me. I came down for God.

Right after we were done packing for the first 2 hours, Santhi (i believe so his name) surprised us with a box of ice-cream to cool ourselves down. My sister and I were like happy kids. Told her “this is our sisters bonding day“.

And I guess when you are tired, you don’t even want to eat.

Wrapped up everything at 4-4.30pm, my sister and I went back straight ahead to Yishun to grab our early dinner. It had been a beneficial Friday for both of us and we would love to do this more often in the future. Probably going to bring my mom and brother too the next time.

** We are featured on Seithi Mediacorp last Saturday night!

Memories · Personal

July 11th

A year ago, I met someone who changed my whole entire life without me knowing. Despite of the trust issues I had/have, I took the risk to get to know him.

My first impressions:
annoying, failed to be funny.

But he was adorable. And is still adorable.

He came into my life when I was at the peak of chasing my dream. He held my hand for the first time when he wanted to send me off to work.

We met three days straight in a row; 9th July, 10th July and 11th July.
I don’t know but I thought I felt quite safe to be around him.

Fast forward a year later, I am still with the same man who stole and caught my attention. And up to this day, he still treats me with affection and love like how he first saw me.

I have never felt so happier in my life. Truth to be told, my skin is getting glower and better because of the hype and happiness that I am surrounded with. In fact, the time when I went to Mecca and prayed for a miracle, it came true. He indeed is my answered prayers.

He entertains my childish behavior, lets me eat whatever I want and never say no to where I wanna go. But he doesn’t really like to see me in white shirts.

Our love life is like Brown and Cony. He is expressionless and I on the other side, hyper active.

I am so glad Allah brought him into my life. He reminds me more of my dad… like they both have the same characteristics.

To my dear K,
Thank you for never stop loving me. Thank you for always making yourself available whenever I need you. In our first year, you have seen quite a number of my emotional breakdowns moment and never once, you leave my side.

You make sure that I have everything, attention and space. You’d call me in the middle of your working timing to make sure I am okay.

I was having fun at Mayday Parade concert and you waited for me, though you felt tired and sleepy. You were there when grandpop was hospitalized. You smell extra good when you are mad at me.

I am a lucky girl. I am so lucky to have met you. My parents adore you too. And the best part is, your love for me never change. It remains the same from the first day we met.

Happy anniversary my love. May God bless us and ease our journey to be one.