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Simple yet delicious

There are times that I just prefer to eat something that is simple yet delicious. But then, there are techniques in to fry a delicious fish or create a perfect omelette. So anyway, I woke up pretty much late like really really late. I guess the weather pretty much made me be in my own world,… Continue reading Simple yet delicious

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Burrito day!

Hey hooo! Today I made chicken burrito, without the salsa or pesto sauce. Just the you know… the lazy burrito because I was a bit restless from yesterday’s outing. I kinda had a crave for chicken today… so why not! Burrrrrrrito! INGREDIENTS 4 chicken fillets 1 tomato (cut to cube) capsicums (yellow & green, cut… Continue reading Burrito day!

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Where is my Joe, doh?

Gloomy Sunday. (Al-fatehah to Muhd Khairul Ikhwan.) Wasted Sunday for me because I literally did nothing, except solving words puzzles and hanging out with my girlfriend. Didn’t really plan to meet her until she called me this morning. “Babe, my phone cable rosak. Pinjam jap.” *godemit nigguh, i’m sleeping* “Okay, see you this evening around… Continue reading Where is my Joe, doh?